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Bilingual Acquisitions Sales Rep:

The Acquisitions Sales Rep is best utilized as the team member to close the transactions for the company. This position is requiring you to be a fluent Spanish speaker with patience, a customer-centric mindset, rapport building, and a hunger to learn more about the industry with a can-do attitude.

This position has a high demand for diligence and commitment to the process. This consists of outbound calling and follow-ups, set to show ratio for appointments, contract acquisition and ultimately closing the deal. The mental fortitude to continue with the process is a necessity as it takes time to build enough rapport to win a closing.


This position is generally the second to third and ultimately the last point of contact with the lead and will be the liaison between the lead and the TC Department once a deal has been consummated. The Acquisitions Sales Rep is a very important component of an organization's sales ecosystem as sales is the lifeblood of a revenue-generating business. Ultimately, a deal can be won or lost at the point of the Acquisitions attempting to close.

Success Drivers:

  • Detail-oriented

  • Diligent

  • Reliable

  • Punctual

  • Articulate/Communicative

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Rapport building

  • Financial acumen

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Utilize company CRM to contact potential sellers to obtain leads from the leads team and the Jr. Acquisitions team

  • Send texts, emails and make calls to develop rapport with new leads

  • Manage leads appointments and follow up with potential prospects

  • Have the mindset to want more financially

  • Negotiate by phone & email to negotiate a win/win solution for both parties

  • Build rapport with the sellers to overcome objections

  • Schedule warm leads on calls and follow-ups with the Jr. Acquisitions and Leads teams

  • Accountability to sales metrics based on specific responsibilities


  • Proven track record of successful negotiations with sellers

  • Ability to keep a job and meet or exceed sales goals

  • Confidence talking to someone you are meeting for the first time like you have been lifelong friends


Here's what the ideal candidate would look like:

The Acquisitions Sales Rep has a strong desire for professional growth. They should be motivated to make more money and learn new skills. The concept of the bottom line should not feel foreign to this person. The Acquisitions rep should display a willingness to learn and have a curiosity of the entire company process with a goal to monetarily exceed their last month.